Kate Middleton makes the buzz on the Web for a hilarious reason

Entertainment 22 June, 2017

The opening day of the Royal Ascot was memorable for Kate Middleton but not for the reasons one might think!
Some time ago, Kate Middleton was resplendent with Queen Elizabeth II and yesterday she was just as much on the opening day of the Royal Ascot. Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a sublime white lace dress and a matching hat, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Immediately, the dress elicited comparisons with the wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton in 2011 when she married Prince William. This outfit was similar to the one she had adopted for the previous one at the Royal Ascot, but if Kate Middleton’s style and outfit never stopped talking, it was another moment of the day that was memorable For the Duchess of Cambridge .
After saluting a number of people at the Royal Ascot, Kate Middleton and Prince William were to ride with the Duke’s aunt and uncle. Prince Edward, the youngest son of the Queen, entered the car and that’s when something happened that made the internet users laugh. Prince Edward’s wife, Sophia, the Countess of Wessex, fell just above the Duchess of Cambridge. Fortunately, Kate Middleton has rather good reflexes as well, she managed to catch up with her aunt. After this small fright, the two women were then taken from a huge giggle as can be seen HERE . To see the Duchess of Cambridge laugh was as much a pleasure to see. It must be said that, Is not always easy for the wife of Prince William. Indeed, Kate Middleton’s brother, James, would greatly worry his family and would be the source of many tensions. And you, were you aware of the fall of Kate Middleton’s aunt?