Kate Middleton: Prince Harry does not consider her a sister-in-law

Entertainment 28 June, 2017

Her family does not choose her. It passes or breaks! But what is the relationship between Kate Middleton and Prince Harry? They tell you everything!
There are now six, Kate Middleton and Prince William were married . The young woman became the Duchess of Cambridge and the sister-in-law of Prince Harry. The two brothers have always been very close and have many duties to their country. But then, what happened when Kate Middleton joined the royal family? Do Prince Harry and his sister-in-law get on well or is the tension all right? Well, we reassure each other that everything is going well. Prince Harry considers his sister-in-law to be the “big sister he never had” . Their complicity is always always visible and it’s a pleasure to see!
Prince Harry did not choose Kate Middleton as his sister-in-law, but it’s just like. Besides, for her, the Duchess of Cambridge represents more a sister than the wife of her brother . They participate in many events together and they always have a smile. With Prince William, they really form an incredible trio. In an interview with Newsweek, Prince Harry spoke of the vacuum caused by his mother’s death and explained that Kate Middleton’s arrival in the family could at some point fill this gap because he found This person a confidante and “a big sister” . One thing is certain, that he can always count on his brother and “his big sister” by Alliance. In any case, they are adorable all three. While waiting for new confidences, find out what former jewelry Lady Diana, Prince Harry will offer Meghan Markle! What do you think of this trio?