Kate Middleton: The crazy price of her wardrobe for 2017 unveiled

Entertainment 12 April, 2017

Kate Middleton is a true fashion icon! To even surprise us in 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge spent an exorbitant amount for her dressing room!
Kate Middleton may well be jealous of the sexy side of Meghan Markle , the girlfriend of Prince Harry. Yet, since the beginning of the year, the Duchess of Cambridge has simply dazzled us by wearing looks all more elegant, glamorous and sensual each other. His floral dress of the BAFTA Awards or his metallic dress Erdem have already become cults. But if Kate Middleton is known to love recycling her outfits, it would seem that the Duchess of Cambridge is beginning to change her habits . Indeed, during the events of 2017, the wife of Prince William has practically opted only for new clothes. Kate Middleton has not hesitated to invest in new outfits and the amount spent on her 2017 dress guard is already mind-blowing.
A blog titled “What would Kate do?” Gave the price of all the clothes and jewelery that Kate Middleton has been wearing since the beginning of the year and if we are only in April, the Duchess of Cambridge And already spent more than $ 70,000 in clothes! The Daily Mail site estimates a 2017 fashion budget reaching $ 214,788 before the end of the year and counting only the outfits worn at official events. That turns your head! Kate Middleton, who would be at war with Meghan Markle with his sister Pippa , seems to want something new. If it is a certain cost, it proves to us that it is always the most stylish of the princesses. However, Kate Middleton does not intend to stop recycling her outfits. She recently wore a sublime Temperley London dress she had already worn. It remains faithful to its reputation as a “Royal Recycler” . So tell us everything, what do you think of Kate Middleton’s budget for her wardrobe?