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Entertainment 9 September, 2017


After being held in cage for five years, Katie Holmes is finally ready to live his love life with Jamie Foxx on the big day. What Tom Cruise does now neither hot, nor cold.

Recently sighted hand in hand on the beaches of Malibu, California, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx show are usually very discreet about their relationship. The actress 38-year-old knows for a fact that her affair with the movie star resents deeply to her ex-husband, Tom Cruise. But it goes even further. The mother of the little Suri was held until a short time by one of the clauses of his contract of divorce with Tom Cruise. According to the terms of the document, the actress had to ban from appearing publicly with another man or let him near her daughter Suri during five years. In return, she was to receive alimony of nearly 4 million euros. For several years, Katie Holmes has, therefore, played the game, but today, five years have passed. After being long held in diamonds, the actress now believes to have the right to live her life as she sees fit.

A HollywoodLife, one of the friends of the hollywood star confirmed that ” Katie wants at any cost to live his own life, and she does not care anymore of what to think Tom. “According to her, the last few years have been harsh for the heroine of Dawson. She is secretly in love with Jamie for some time […] but it took five years to not be afraid to upset Tom Cruise. Today, the girlfriend of Jamie Foxx has finally embraced the idea of conducting her life as she sees fit. “She is happy not to live in the shadow of Tom , “confirms the source. All this is not to say that the couple, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx will now be displayed in one of the magazines. This simply means that the mother of the little Suri does not have to compute each of its facts and gestures of fear that they would trample down her ex-husband. Finally fulfilled in her love life, the star of 38 years also links the major projects for the cinema. 2017, or the year of renewal for Katie Holmes.

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