Katy Perry back, she finally tease her new album?

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

On social networks, Katy Perry might have given a taste of her new album … Or is it our imagination that plays tricks?
Just a few days writing you melty.fr confirmed world exclusive that Katy Perry was about to begin filming her new music video . Coincidence or not, today is the time to start! If the superstar will be busy these next three days, fans are eagerly awaiting them after Prism . After the tubes “Roar” , “Dark Horse” and “This Is How We Do” , everyone is curious to hear the new sounds of Katy Perry! We do not know if it’s our imagination playing tricks on us, but the American singer posted a mysterious phrase via his Twitter account that could match the lyrics : “It’s gonna be a break-through or a break down. .. “.
In recent times, Katy Perry uses her Twitter account to mainly retweet information that make her react or to comment on the news with her millions of followers. And this phrase – quite personal – contrasts with all the last posts of the artist! It is for this reason that we imagine that it could be lyrics of a single potential to come … We will probably have the answer in the coming weeks and we recognize the lyrics if the words above Are in one of his new songs. His return is one of the most anticipated of 2017 and suddenly we suggest you review with which artist you would like it to do a featuring on his album ! When will the new album of Katy Perry arrive in your opinion?