Katy Perry: Bon Appetit, the cannibal clip makes sensation

Entertainment 13 May, 2017

Katy Perry unveiled her new video “Bon Appétit” yesterday. The star took literally the words of her song and turned into a human meal.
If Katy Perry has validated the last piece of Miley Cyrus , not sure she does the same. The star is back with his video “Bon Appétit” , the second excerpt of his album, which should be released in the weeks to come. For this video, Katy plays it to the Lady Gaga and puts perry blonde wig, body chair and scenario chelou. The beginning begins in a cold room where the singer sleeps peacefully, she gets woken up by cooks before being thrown into the flour, like a common food. The following ? Katy Perry is kneaded like dough, is covered with vegetables and cooked in a soup in jacuzzi mode.
Of necessity on the web, this wacky video has made much react and is not unanimous. Fortunately, we can count on the presence of the group Migos, which comes to put things in order, while the artist prepares to eat a dish composed of parts of human body. A bit cannibal the Katy? We appreciate the totally barred side of Katy who resurfaced, she who had been a little too assagie in recent years . On the other hand, there is no real consistency with her latest clip “Chained To The Rhythm” except that she wants to pass a message. Katy Perry, who could sign the summer 2017 hit, should still surprise us afterwards, and we’re already looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen!