Katy Perry: Her big missed capillary for the 40 years of her beloved Orlando Bloom

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Surprise, surprise!
Katy Perry pulled out the stops for the birthday of her boyfriend Orlando Bloom
. According to information from the site E! News , the pop star 32 years organized a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, who celebrated this weekend 40 years. For the occasion, the famous California Girl swapped his legendary Brown for an amazing new hair color: blond who shoots the red, absolutely catastrophic.
The site Daily Mail published many pictures of his botched dye frankly, that seems straight inspired by the future president of the United States Donald Trump . On arrival at the party held in Palm Springs , Katy Perry took the pose in front of a placard bearing the image of controversial billionaire who won the US election . No doubt it must be seen as a new pike to the one the singer excels. Recall that she and her partner, ardent supporters of Hillary Clinton , had already paid her head at a costume party for Halloween in October.
Whatever the missed capillary of his darling, the beautiful Orlando Bloom seems to have spent a dream evening. The Pirates of the Caribbean welcomed on social networks surprise organized by her mother. ” The best gift we can do me a surprise for my mom visit” , he has written on his Instagram page where he published a photo of him hugging his mother named Sonia. Suffice to say that the singer scores points with his hypothetical future mother-in-law!
Recall that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom dating for a little over a year . If it has been slow to formalize things, the couple is inseparable from and never misses an opportunity to show his love. Things could not be more serious between the two lovebirds, Katy having even met the little Flynn , the son that the actor had with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr .