Katy Perry: If she would be engaged to Orlando Bloom?

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

Katy Perry wearing a new jewel in the finger a large diamond ring on her finger. Could this be the harbinger of a marriage with Orlando Bloom?

katyperryKaty Perry could she engaged to actor Orlando Bloom? A big ring suggests doubt. Indeed, the singer of I Kissed a Girl and Roar proudly wore this jewel earlier this week in the streets of New York.
However, the next day on the red carpet of a New York evening of UNICEF, the beautiful 32 year old was not wearing this gem. While she was rewarded a Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award this November 29 for his involvement with underprivileged children for nearly three years, he had strangely disappeared. As for his companion, with whom she still takes the break, he was also present in the celebrations but posed for photographers on his side. Rather strange no?
So is this fun for his fans by creating doubt or marriage proposal has it been actually delivered by the actor of Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean ?
For now, both divorced, together for nearly 10 months since their first approach to the after party at the Golden Globes in January, has not made an official announcement. After a trip to Sardinia and stay to Hawaii to remove their respective ex, whom they had each built, the top Miranda Kerr for it , Russell Brand for her , it seems that both are now very accomplices to jump not.