Katy Perry: Swish Swish feat Nicki Minaj unveiled, expected answer to Bad Blood from Taylor Swift

Entertainment 19 May, 2017

Not sure that Taylor Swift loves the new song of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj!
A new musical era has arrived! Before announcing the release of her new album Witness for June 2017 , Katy Perry returned earlier in the year with the singles “Chained To The Rhythm” and “Bon Appétit” . With less success than his previous hits, these new songs seem to have convinced his faithful KatyCats. And while not expected at all, the American singer took advantage of the night to unveil a brand new duet with Nicki Minaj: “Swish Swish” . Reading between the lines, there are no doubts, this is the long awaited answer to “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift! Discover the piece right away.
In this new single very inspired by the dance of the 90’s, Katy Perry launches many pikes that seem directly destined to Taylor Swift : “Do not need opinions / From a selfish or a sheep / not today / You’re Calculated / I got your number / Cause you’re a joker ” , ” and I’m a courtside killer queen / and you will kiss the ring / You best believe ” or rap passage Nicki Minaj “Do not be tryna double back, I already despise you / All that fake love you showin ‘, could not even disguise you / Ran? When? Nicki gettin’ tan / Mirror mirror who’s the fairest bitch in all the land? Damn, man, this bitch is a Stan / Muah, muah,the generous queen will kiss a fan / Ass Goodbye, I’ma be riding by ” . Not sure whether you like Taylor Swift if it is she the target of this new single! Meanwhile the album, revisit the shock revelation Of Miley Cyrus on the tube “I Kissed A Girl” that was written for her . What do you think?