Keanu Reeves is still a cool guy

Cinema 22 February, 2017

At the “John Wick 2” poster, the actor is not only good in front of the camera. He is also a motivated pro and a good man. The proof in a few anecdotes.
Motivation 100% and start as it can
At 18, Keanu stopped the classes. He wants to become an actor, then boom, poker. In 1983, he interprets a cyclist in an advertisement, which drinks on arrival with a Coca. Mouai.
His personal experiences are very useful for him to fine-tune his roles
In “Youngblood,” the first film in which he plays a central character, Keanu Reeves is a Canadian who loves to practice hockey as a guardian. It’s good, he’s lived in Canada for years, and he really teased the puck when he was still in high school . Later, in “The Adventures of Bill and Ted”, he camped a musician, a guy who scratched the bass. Convincing? Normal, he plays really bass, with his group Dog Star before and then at the mercy of the opportunities now.
Music in second passion
When you refuse a $ 11M check for cool sessions with your buddies, you’re killing your band to death. In this case, it was for “Speed ​​2: heading for danger”. Since then, he has become entrenched when he can in lives , as with Bon Jovi in ​​Australia or in festivals here and there.
Not stingy, he prefers to earn less to work with people
When the producers of “The Devil’s Partner” explained to him that they could not pay Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves had to lower his salary because he really wanted to play with him. Same with Gene Hackmann in “Les replaceants”, where he lowered his income by 90% . Another anecdote: for the sequel of “Matrix”, he gave 80 of his $ 140M to the technical teams of special effects and makeup so that they remain and are paid at their fair value.
It is often called “John”
Johnny Utah in “Point Break”, Jonathan Parker in “Dracula”, Don John in “Lots of noises for nothing”, John Constantine in “Constantine”, John in “Generation Um”, John Rain in Season 1 of “Rain”, John Wick (eponymous films) … In the end, he called himself John for months and months of his life , he will eventually change his first name.
He is the object of wacky beliefs
One finds everything on the internets. Even people who believe Keanu Reeves immortal. Yeah, right. Some see a striking resemblance to Charlemagne , according to the paintings. Others with a French actor from the late 19th, a certain Paul Mounet. Let us admit. But suddenly, how does it happen: does it reincarnate or just change its identity? So who wants to be a buddy with Keanu?