Kendall Jenner accused of having used cosmetic surgery, she clashe her haters!

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Kendall Jenner does not have his tongue in his pocket and makes it known. After being accused of having abused the cosmetic surgery, she did not hesitate to clash her haters!
Recently, Kendall Jenner is at the heart of all the controversy. Besides, according to some users, the It Girl would clearly abused cosmetic surgery – injections in the lips in particular – so much so that his face would be completely different. Many critics have begun to invade the net when Kenny J shared a promotional video for the cosmetics brand Estee Lauder on Instagram . A mini clip that did not fail to react on the Web. For good reason, the mannequin is unrecognizable. But that’s not all ! His appearance at the ceremony of the Golden Globes is also not gone unnoticed and has clearly revived the rumors. But in the face of these many criticisms, Kendall Jenner was quick to react. In response to this huge buzz, the young woman of 21 years then did not hesitate to clasher her haters!
And it is on its application that Kendall Jenner was keen to answer all these rumors then claiming she had never used the knife . Very high after the haters, the young woman did not go by four ways. “When I deleted my Instagram account last November, people said ‘Kendall turns off his profile to make up for his face!’ I did not talk about it at the time because if it had been the case, the Net surfers would inevitably react and say ‘Oh, she defends herself – She must hide something. ‘ But as a model, why would I use cosmetic surgery for my face? It does not make sense.It’s crazy because sometimes I just feel like people want me to fail ” “She wrote in one of her posts. Before adding, a bit sassy: “I found an Instagram page that simply tackle the Kardashians and has many followers I’m just sad for the person who manages it, who has time to do that. “People forget they are talking about real people who have real feelings and live their lives (most of the time) like the rest of the world.” New statements that will not fail to elicit reactions! Much like to know that Khloe Kardashian was jealous of Kim Kardashian in their youth. Moreover, discover his amazing revelation about their past. Do you understand the reaction of Kendall Jenner?