Kendall Jenner again harassed? A man arrested in front of his house

Entertainment 14 April, 2017

Black series for Kendall Jenner! The young woman would have had to deal with a new harasser …
Kendall Jenner is furious because of the disaster of her ad for Pepsi ! Kylie’s sister is criticized on social networks for accepting a very controversial role and for not having apologized following the unprecedented bad buzz that the video generated. A big mistake that could well mark the end of her modeling career, according to communication experts interviewed by The Cut magazine . While Kendall Jenner has frequently been criticized for her role as a model and the fact that she has made her way into this very difficult profession thanks to her family’s fame, her detractors have remained discreet. But after the Pepsi scandal , the image of Kendall Jenner is seriously damaged and its lack of reaction makes things worse. To make matters worse, it seems that the young woman has other problems very worrying to manage! A man was arrested by the police in front of his home.
As can be seen in the photos published by the Daily Mail , the man was arrested because he was flying a drone near the model’s home. Kendall Jenner, who had made a disturbing account of the harassment she had suffered from a man in The Incredible Kardashian Family , called the security forces because she found her behavior suspicious. The man was interrogated by the police and released after a search of his car. According to the TMZ website he cooperated smoothly and did not object to being arrested. More fear than harm for Kendall! The young woman, who has been reclusive since the disaster of her pub Pepsi , is getting better since she should go to Coachella. Kris Jenner’s daughter is a regular at this festival, where she should host an event organized by a dating app. Business resumes for Kim’s sister … What do you think of this matter?