Kendall Jenner criticized for her acne in the media, Bella Thorne disembarks and dismisses everything

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Bella Thorne is ready to defend Kendall Jenner criticized for her acne, it stings but it’s beautiful to see

Fangirl deal with acne, it is time to take as Kendall Jenner, Bella Thorne and Miley Cyrus . Everyone passes by there one day, do not worry. The problem when you’re a star is that the media criticize you, like Kendall Jenner for her acne. Fortunately for her, the mannequin can count on Bella Thorne arrives in history and Degomme all! The woman wrote on Twitter : “It makes me so mad Like what, everyone has acne IT IS HUMAN LET THE QUIET pxtain.!.” OUTCH, to be clear, it is, and it’s fun to see. Kendall Jenner is also expressed on the subject by tweeting: ‘I told you that I was human: P ” .. You see, we really going ALL by this skin problem Speaking of physics Kendall Jenner, would she do cosmetic surgery? she said (finally) all all all. So, reassured?