Kendall Jenner deflected, big rebound in the deal!

Entertainment 19 March, 2017

When she is not happy, Kendall Jenner says. After his burglary, a new big rebound comes to touch this case …
We are not going to lie, for several months, the Kardashian / Jenner family is going through some rather difficult events. Between Kim Kardashian’s assault in Paris, Kanye West’s cable telepathy or the twists and turns associated with the separation of Rob and Blac Chyna , she did not have much rest. A few days ago, another member of the most famous clan of American reality TV was hit. While she was quietly resting at home, Kendall Jenner was robbed . The young woman was afraid of her life and hurried to phone the police. If she has not seen the thieves, it is now known that several thousand dollars of jewelry were stolen from her. Today,
Only a few days after her burglary, Kendall Jenner decided to part with her bodyguard . Here, does not that remind you of someone? The TMZ site confirms the information. We learn then that the bodyguard was posted outside the house, which is strange since it is supposed to be located inside. Several questions in this inquiry remain unclear and we wonder whether this was premeditated or not. In any case, Kendall Jenner, who recently unveiled his unavowable pleasure , is very shocked by what happened. One thing is for sure, the security of the Kardashian / Jenner family will be clearly reinforced after this new attack.