Kendall Jenner disconnects and leaves Instagram!

Entertainment 14 November, 2016

To live happy, live hidden…
As Justin Bieber last summer, the bomb Kendall Jenner just quit Instagram. The star of the Kardashians has deleted his account this weekend as she had several million subscribers. ” This page is unfortunately not available” , reads the profile of the catwalk star. The pretty brunette of 21 years has given no explanation for his departure from the social network she took pleasure in feeding .
“I want my Instagram page look right. Sometimes on the pages of others, you only see selfies or pictures of ass. I also like the belfies [when we take her buttocks photo, Ed] but I posted from time to time only ” , ‘she told the magazine Allure . A decision all the more surprising that the sister of Kylie Jenner is always active on Twitter where she assured this Sunday, November 13 promoting her new book. ” Our new book Time of the Twins will be available in bookstores on November 15th ,” she tweeted.
Perhaps the recent controversy surrounding his shooting photo for the Spanish edition of the magazine Vogue has she Kendall motivated to jump ship? Customers were offended by the choice of the sister of Kim Kardashian to interpret a ballerina as she has never done ballet since she became the target of angry dancers. In his interview for the magazine Allure , the troubled supermodel had rightly pointed out that the excessive behavior vis-à-vis people of social networks sometimes pushed to disconnect.
“I have some friends and family members who are so connected to social networks they can not without detaching. I do not like it, that’s why I sometimes removes Instagram, Tweeter or of Snapchat my phone , “she confessed. The question is for how long.