Kendall Jenner for Pepsi, a huge star of the song la clashe!

Entertainment 6 April, 2017

Ouch! Nothing goes for Kendall Jenner. Already she is mortified after the scandal related to his ad for Pepsi, a huge star of the song la clashe …
It took a little more than 24 hours for Pepsi’s brand-new ad to be removed from the web. In a new message, PepsiCo brand leaders apologized for shocking Internet users by confirming that they wanted to spread a message of peace and unity around the world and apologized to his bigger muse. Yes, since the release of this spot, Kendall Jenner, who caused scandal in the Pepsi pub , is simply mortified. Insulting on social networks, she loses every hour a few more followers. Moreover, a huge star of the song also expressed, in his way, on Instagram, and clashed Kendall Jenner.
If the Pepsi brand decided to withdraw its controversial publicity, clashes continue to multiply on the Web. The singer Madonna did not hesitate to say what she thought . So, the huge star also participated in a pub for soda, but she noticed that it had no connection with this “mrde that did not make sense” . Subsequently , Madonna unveiled an old photo of her with a can of Coca Cola, Pepsi’s main competitor. Well, a few days after his burglary, Kendall Jenner must now face a new concern, and this one is big.