Kendall Jenner, her mess tin makes the buzz!

Entertainment 17 May, 2017

Oh, the nice bowl! Kendall Jenner hit a memorable fall and one of her sisters did not hesitate to post it direct!
For several weeks, Kendall Jenner does not speak about her, but not in the right direction. The young woman does not seem to make the right choices in terms of professional project. Between his publicity for Pepsi or his cover for Vogue India , Kendall’s image was tarnished by scandals . Since then, the ultra famous mannequin has decided to make low profile. But it seems that one of her sisters has found a way, skillful enough to restore the image of the pretty brunette. For more than 24 hours, a hilarious video of Kendall Jenner circulates on the Web . If it does not seem awkward at first, this snippet will make you change your mind. His bowl simply makes the buzz on the Web.
One thing is certain, Khloe Kardashian, who was in cold with Kim in episode 10 of The Incredible Family Kardashian Season 13 , has a lot of humor. Moreover, when it comes to ridiculing one of her sisters in the eyes of all, she does not shrink from anything. This is what happened with this hilarious extract. In the space of 24 hours, the video published by the daughter of Kris Jenner was seen by more than 4 million people. During these few minutes, we see Kendall Jenner cycling … finally, “try” to ride a bike. While the mannequin tries to control the terrible machine, it pays a nice bowl . Well, there was more fear than evil, Is the main one. One thing is for sure, this tin will stay in the annals!