Kendall Jenner humiliated for her acne, Bella Thorne clashes the haters!

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

When Kendall Jenner is tackled on her acne, Bella Thorne goes up to the niche and does not hesitate to say what she thinks!
Lately, Bella Thorne was accused of having deceived her boyfriend Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth . Rumors that have disturbed social networks. Besides, the singer was soon violently clashing actress on Twitter and Internet users are also given to their heart. Suffice to say that the last few weeks have not been simple for the young woman. But his fans can rest assured, Bella Thorne is far from being done. As proof, the 19-year-old It Girl did not take long to react by setting the record straight on the situation. Because yes, the pretty redhead does not have his tongue in his pocket and always says things as they are. So when Kendall Jenner has recently been criticized for her acne, Bella Thorne did not hesitate to take his defense clashant the haters!
It all started when the Daily Mail published a new article. Entitled “The big rash of Kendall Jenner” , the paper did not fail to make a bad buzz on the web. Because, the British newspaper was not embarrassed to reveal close-up photos of Kenny J. buttons A humiliation that was not at all pleased with Bella Thorne who has decided to tell the back of his mind on Twitter . “It annoys me so much. Like what, everyone has acne. IT IS HUMAN, LET THE QUIET hell” she then wrote on the social network. Because yes, you might not know but Bella Thorne who has just found a new boyfriend , has long suffered from acne. From then on, laughing at this skin problem is a real lack of respect for it. In any case, his support certainly had to please the mannequin. And you, what do you think of Bella Thorne’s response?