Kendall Jenner is abusing Photoshop? His fans are wondering

Entertainment 22 June, 2017

Did Kendall Jenner cheat with her image? The girl is the subject of a new controversy …
Kendall and Kylie Jenner reconciled with Caitlyn ? It was thought, following the last episodes of season 13 of The incredible Kardashian Family , that the relations between the star of I Am Cait and his daughters were at the worst. But luckily it seems that it is not! Indeed the two girls spent a whole day with their dad to celebrate Father’s Day . We prefer that! Kendall Jenner did not hesitate to criticize his father’s memoirs, The Story of My Life , in a recent episode of KUWTK , but obviously it did not affect their complicity. But today it is for a completely different reason, a little more superficial, That the pretty brunette makes talk about her! Indeed Kendall Jenner has posted a sexy photo on Instagram, where she exhibits her ultra flat stomach. A cliché that has attracted a lot of attention, but may not be for the right reasons!
Fans noticed that the young woman’s navel seemed abnormally long in the photo. Did Kylie’s sister use Photoshop to thin her already thin size? This strange question fascinates the Web. Did Kris Jenner’s daughter abuse the retouching software or the angle of the photo gives the impression that her navel is a bit longer? Hard to say, especially since among the women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall is not the most addicted to Photoshop! Kendall Jenner, with Kourtney Kardashian, can be considered the most natural of the clan and she seems perfectly satisfied with her physique. And for good reason ! Even though recently a major brand has decided to no longer appeal to Kendall Jenner.