Kendall Jenner is “happy” not to have the buttocks of Kim Kardashian!

Entertainment 1 February, 2017

Kendall Jenner is the longest of the Kardashian sisters and it suits her very well! She is delighted not to have the sock of her sister Kim, you are told more about it.

Just a few days writing melty proposed to discover the amazing tattoo Kendall Jenner . We were curious to know what the young woman had chosen to be engraved in the skin to the extent that we did not know her affection for tattoos. Against all odds, the model was tattooed a white dot on the finger! At first sight, this act might seem stupid but in reality it is rather touching … Indeed, this point is a tribute to the daughter of her pastor who is suffering from brain cancer! This is how Kendall wished to show her affection and support for this little two-year-old. Finally, if we speak to you of the young woman today, it is for his physical . You know, Mademoiselle Jenner is particularly appreciated in the world of modeling and she is delighted that her physique pleases. As long as we do not speak of it to her ass, so good for Kendall , we explain why.
Recently, Kendall Jenner posed in goth chic Vogue Japan cover and a sensation again. The one who feared that her surname is an obstacle to develop her career can be reassured: the biggest names in fashion adore it! Admittedly, it has a slender silhouette which is highly appealing to professionals but also to her at all. A source told website Hollywood Life that Kendall is thrilled to be who she is and she wants to be known “to his face, not his c **” . She dreamed of having for a time forms the image of sister Kim but eventually changed his mind: . “There was a time when Kendall wanted a butt like Kim It was a little impressionable sister Kim Was like Kendall’s idol with regard to appearance, but now that she has made a name for herself and is recognized as a model she has absolutely no desire to ” having a diaper imposing ” . That’s what it says! What do you think of this news?