Kendall Jenner poses for Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) after his scandal

Entertainment 15 May, 2017

As we know, during his last Pepsi campaign, Kendall Jenner had made a big scandal. Today, she reiterates the experience by posing for a Riverdale actor, Cole Sprouse and the result is superb!
Recently, Kendall Jenner caused scandal for Pepsi, his pub had made controversy . Many fans and people had even clashed and the campaign was immediately withdrawn. Kris Jenner’s daughter feared the worst for his career and it was even discreet since this controversy. However, the young model decided to retry the experiment so as not to remain on a failure and we can say that she was right! It’s Cole Sprouse, the rising actor of Riverdale who had the honor of photographing Kendall Jenner for The Sunday Times magazine . You can say that he has a talented look since his photos are very successful and artistic. Discover without waiting a few shots of the photoshoot!
In this photo shoot, Cole Sprouse made some confidences about Kendall Jenner: “She knew my job, and we met at a couple of parties, so I said, let ‘s do something together! Is not surprising that she has become such an important figure in the fashion industry.Without the right model, these photos would not live.Kendall is not afraid of being awkward and strange in a way that is vulnerable And intrinsically interesting. ” . One thing is for sure, the result is superb! Their photoshoot that lasted more than eight hours in Malibu is definitely worth a look. Moreover, Riverdale actor should share new shots in the days to come on his Instagram account . In the meantime, find out if Kendall Jenner is ready to leave The Incredible Kardashian Family! What do you think of these pictures?