Kendall Jenner rich and radine? She answers the controversy with humor!

Entertainment 10 August, 2017

A few days ago, Kendall Jenner was in the middle of a polemic. The reason ? The star of the Kardashian clan is part of a restaurant without tipping the waiter.

So, radine or not radine, that is the question! It’s no secret, but the stars of the Kardashian clan like Kim, Kourtney and Khloe as well as Jenner like Kendall and Kylie, are extremely rich stars. Their bank accounts are far from being in the red, and millions of dollars are flowing. But it is not because we have an immense fortune, we are necessarily generous … Evidence is with the behavior of the international model lately. Indeed, after having taken a coffee in a bar in New-York, Kendall Jenner would have refused to leave a tip , which surprised the Internet surfers, who hastened to turn this affair on the Web!

Everyone then asked this question: Is Kendall Jenner radin? Here is a polemic whose best friend of Bella Hadid would have been well. A waiter from New York, where Kris Jenner’s daughter came to have a coffee, published the photo of her addition. Legend has it that the boy has left no tip … Even if some of his fans were keen to defend it, Kendall Jenner who showed us his butt this summer , would not really have shown his generosity. But Kylie’s sister still wanted to react on Twitter in the face of this controversy: ” Damn, I guess next time we will not leave a tip in cash .” “She said humorously on the social network. So who says it? We will probably never know!