Kendall Jenner unveils his chest to promote his new project

Entertainment 30 June, 2017

Kendall Jenner reveals her sexy side! The girl promotes her new collection of clothes with Kylie, and it is successful …
Kylie Jenner posed naked in a bed with a joint in her hand ! For the little last of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, provoc is a real art of living. The girl clearly followed the example given by Kim Kardashian, and she is not alone! Indeed Khloe and Kourtney have often posed in the simplest device lately, a very simple way to get noticed and generate advertising . And the one that has been by far the most discreet in a few weeks, is Kendall Jenner! The model has not been much talked about lately, but to promote her new collection of clothes with Kylie Jenner, she decided to hit hard.
On an ultra sexy post on Snapchat, Kendall Jenner posed in a t-shirt from her collection with Kylie, staring off. But what is most noticeable is that she raised her t-shirt, revealing almost entirely her chest . A rather daring gesture that will at least managed to attract the attention and admiration of its fans! Kendall Jenner may be more sober than her brothers, when she decides to get noticed, she does not miss her shot. It must be said that she has been a good school: for years, Kris Jenner encouraged her daughters to expose their bodies and use their sex appeal to generate profits . A tactic that is not without its many criticism from the fans, but has the merit of a ” to be efficient. And if Kendall Jenner’s critics accuse her of abusing Photoshop , she shows them that she does not need it … What do you think of this photo?