Kendall Jenner VS Kylie Jenner: Who could surprise us the most in 2017?

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

Kylie Jenner, the fashionista of the Kardashian clan and Kendall Jenner the most fashionable top model on the planet, which of the two could surprise us this year?
They have ceased to speak of them in 2016 . If Kim Kardashian defied the chronicle with his aggression during the Fashion Week in Paris, his sisters did not remain in the shadow however. Kendall Jenner scored 2016 parading for the brand of underwear Victoria’s Secret , and unveiled ultra sexy pictures on her Instagram account, enough to frighten the Web. As for the youngest of the clan, Kylie Jenner, it is her cosmetics shop that has been at the heart of the discussions in recent months. Yes, the starlets of the most popular family in the world are undeniably unavoidable and know how to make the headlines of all the newspapers people. But, for this new year that begins, which of Kendall or Kylie could most surprise us?
Will the queen of the podiums surprise us with her new love story? Possible! For Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson kissed on Christmas Eve , a way to “formalize” their union. So would 2017 be the year of cooing for Kim K’s sister, who is mostly single? A case to follow very closely. And concerning the fashionista of the clan, which proved in 2016 as a formidable business woman, what could she prepare us this year … New records of subscribers on the Web? Even more sexy pictures in her bathroom on Instagram ? After the tattoo, the one who spins the perfect love alongside the rapper Tyga could well announce a pregnancy, or the opening of several cosmetics shops in the world. What is certain is that in 2017, the two sisters will definitely mark the spirits and stay at the top of their careers. And you what do you think ?