Kendrick Lamar invited by Future on the remix of Mask Off, a duo that is overvalid

Entertainment 23 May, 2017

Just a few minutes ago, Future released the remix of “Mask Off” on which he invited his friend Kendrick Lamar for a duo that is overvalidated!
Fire ! That’s what we said when we first heard the remix of “Mask Off” , the title of the album Future … Future . Unveiled on February 17, the record reached the top spot of the Billboard 200. Already sold more than 660,000 copies worldwide , the record has put Future on the forefront of the music scene. And while we were told last night that there were several deaths and injuries following an explosion during a date of the Ariana Grande world tour , it is a bit more joyful news that interests us here. Earlier in the afternoon, Future unveiled the remix of “Mask Off” On which he invited his great friend Kendrick Lamar. The latter, adored by specialized critics, recently unveiled the album DAMN. Which also reached the top spot of Billboard 200 . Now number 7 of the Billboard Hot 100 (the ranking of the 100 most popular titles in the United States), “Mask Off” offers here a real makeover!
And if we love so much this remix, it is obviously because it is the fruit of a beautiful friendship. As a reminder, it is not the first that Kendrick Lamar remixes a sound of Future . He had already done it for “UOENO” in 2013. What’s more, this title was much awaited by fans of both rappers since Kendrick invited Future to rapper with him on the stage of Coachella. And at a time when the singles extracted from the album VIEWS of Drake begin all to run out, Future and Kendrick Lamar did not fail to take the relay. Between them, they thus accumulate 8 titles in the Billboard Hot 100 . And while Katy Perry has just settled her accounts with Taylor Swift , Future can rub hands. The remix of “Mask Off” should allow the already released clip to accumulate a max of views. On YouTube, it has already been seen more than 32 million times.
But of course, if the remix pleases us so much, it is also because it is of excellent quality. Although we appreciate remix, we have to admit that many of them do not work when the couplets of the rappers in question go on badly. But on “Mask Off” , this problem does not exist. The verse of Kendrick Lamar fits perfectly under the interlude of Future. And as always, the flow of Kendrick Lamar is at the top and one can not help but crack when he balances “Havin ‘heart, I can not tell / Half of y’all might need In Rodeo (bitch) / I might ball in Australia (say no more) / I could call her for real / All the ass go unveil . Long and effective, his verse was worth the wait and all the buzz. And while we wondered recently if the duets Ariana Grande / Nicki Minaj are always insured cartons , we can only validate this remix. And you, what do you think of this remix?