Kery James: Ebony pain, rap fans will love this new clip

Entertainment 30 June, 2017

Back with the clip of Douleur ébène, discover now the new clip of Kery James.
Last September, Kery James unveiled the eighth album of his career, Muhammad Alix . Since yesterday, he is back with a new clip, “Ebony Pain” . 10 months later the release of his last album, a golden record in his pocket (without the help of Skyrock as it is specified at the end of the clip), the pote Rohff (who heated with Booba on Instagram) clicks a new song. An attitude that has become unusual in the world of rap, where its actors have taken the habit of releasing a new project every six months. But at melty, we validate the approach thoroughly, because it allows us to rediscover this very beautiful title that is “Douleur ébène” . We’ll let you check out the clip right now.
Racism and the difficulties of the blacks to live in France is not a new subject for Kery: since its beginnings in the 90s, it has remained faithful to its ideas. On the other hand, on the form, it is quite new, it adapted to the musicalities of today. And yes, we can do the rap says “aware” of the trap … As for the clip, Kery James (as we saw in concert at Solidays 2017) went to Africa, and invited several artists (Dj Awadi of PBS – Doug E. Tee of PBS – Matador – Xuman …) to put in picture “Ebony pain” . Result? A very nice clip, which gave us to re-listen to the album Mouhammad Alix . Which, in general, is pretty good sign …