Kev Adams and Black M, welded two friends: “We often see at the moment”

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

Between the actor and singer, is above all a beautiful story of friendship.
kev-adams-et-black-m-a-lyon-novembreKev Adams is on all fronts. Since 23 November the 25 year-old actor plays sold out on the stage of the Arena AccorHotels with his friend and accomplice Gad Elmaleh for their common sight Everything is possible. The comedy duo will happen again in Paris for three dates, 2, 3 and 4 December, after visiting Montpellier on 29 November.
If account Gad Elmaleh in his circle of friends, the hero of the series Soda is also very close to another artist: Black M. The two stooges have also collaborated several times since Kev Adams appeared in two clips of the singer, Mrs. Pavoshko and Prince Aladin piece that was performed for the film the New Adventures of Aladdin (2015), in which the actor played the lead role.
It brought us naturally
Sunday, November 27 invited to speak at the microphone of Europe 1, Kev Adams and Black M spoke frankly this special relationship between them. Accomplices, the two friends and admitted that they recognize one in the other. ” I recognized a lot of points. It is very close to his family. He grew up with the same friends forever. It brought us naturally. I am proud to count among my friends ,” said Kev Adams.
For his part, the member of the group Sexion Assault, aged 31, admitted the same qualities in his sidekick. ” I find myself in him. He’s a little younger than me and I can see myself actually ,” added Mr. Black Both men are welded so they are working on a new collaboration. ” We often see right now. We want to do something really well. Maybe we prepared something for the movies, for TV, or a song … ” concluded Kev Adams. Fans will in any case go!