Kev Adams: his brother is his double Noam

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

Kev Adams has a brother but he does not do a lot about him. Yet one could confuse them.

kev2After the statue of Kev Adams very similar to the real young man to Grevin Museum , today is his brother who just sow doubt. Noam was indeed the same expressions as the comedian of 25 years, with one difference: this young man of 19 years has not chosen to adopt the same hairstyle. Remained in the shadow of the one who makes the successful sketches in France , Noam however, is not sidelined. On the contrary, if Kev Adams has a lot to do, especially since it is in full tour with Gad Elmaleh, he always has a tender attention to him and multiplies the messages to his family. Recently, users will have noticed, the Adams boys spend much time together. And it was this complicity that prevents us from differentiating physically.
As if they wanted to disrupt their followers, Kev and Noam have hair and eyes of the same color and also have the same type of beard. So can you tell if Kev Adams is the real guy who panics the audience on stage, or is it his emotional liner that takes its secret features? easy to sow doubt too. But Gad Elmaleh, who works with the young man, in any case seems less easy to fool. They certainly should not have the same character …