Kev Adams on holiday in New York with his look-alike: his little brother

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

Kev Adams and his younger brother, Noam, are currently celebrating his birthday in New York. A family vacation that promises to be festive …

Twenty-one years old! Kev Adams and his younger brother understood it. To celebrate the birthday of Noam, the younger sibling, the two brothers ended up in New York, in the United States, with their whole family. The young humorist has just shared on his account Instagram a photo of him in company of his little brother, in Time Square, emblematic place of Big Apple. ” Happy birthday to my brother! “Has he written in legend plate, adding the words” 21 “and” love ” .
The young Noam, who intends to embark on a career as a DJ under the pseudonym DJ Noyz , recently the buzz on social networks because it looks exactly like his elder . Same laughing eyes, same beard, same indomitable hair … The duet does not go unnoticed and seems to make a lot of effect to the fans.
It is perhaps no coincidence that the two young men met in New York . In the United States, children under the age of 21 are prohibited from going to clubs and drinking alcohol in bars. The enthusiasm of Kev and Noam is understandable: they will finally be able to fully enjoy the night New York . The two brothers are surely going to do some follies … while remaining reasonable. Kev Adams is known, attaches great importance to her family , and did everything to keep the complicity that binds him to his two younger brothers, while assuming its role of elder. Last November, his mother testified during the transition from comedian to Confidentially on France 2: ” For now everything is going well. Kev stayed on his own. In any case when he comes home and is with his brothers, he is always the same. “