Kharde Kardashian celebrates 33 years, best punchlines for his birthday

Entertainment 27 June, 2017

Happy Birthday Koko! This is the big day for Khloé Kardashian who celebrates his 33 years today. On this occasion, it is time to take stock of the best punchlines of the star …
This is the big day for Koko! Yes, if Khloé Kardashian celebrated her birthday in advance with an incredible surprise party last weekend, it is well today that she celebrates her 33 years. We know, little last of the Kardashian family, after Kourtney , Rob and Kim, has a character well tempered. When she wants to have an idea in mind, she does not have it elsewhere. That is why we love him so much. Perceived as the ugly duckling of the most famous clan of American reality television, she has made quite a long way in the space of a few years. Whether it is between his impressive physical metamorphosis or the changes in his personal life, Koko is no longer the same . Moreover, Khloé Kardashian and his new guy, Tristan Thompson , seem to form the ideal couple. It’s time to honor the star of KUWTK for its 33 years by listing your best punchlines.