Kharde Kardashian traps his sister Kourtney in a new extract from The Incredible Kardashian Family

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

The tension rises in KUWTK! Blasée by his behavior, Khloe Kardashian decided to put a trap to his brother Kourtney.
Lately, Melty’s editor wondered if The Incredible Kardashian Family had lost the recipe for success . The reason ? You are not unaware that since the beginning of season 13, the show is at the lowest. The hearings are in free fall and viewers are no longer as interested as before. Gone are the happy family of the first seasons that did not take itself seriously, now the members of the most famous clan of Hollywood seem H24 in conflict. Their adventures seem to be more scripted than ever and the net surfers feel it. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why the program does not take off and may never have a season 14. Anyway, The best known family of the showbiz is not done and continues filming. Moreover, in the next episode, the atmosphere is a little tense between Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian .
What’s happening ? If one believes the last extract unveiled by E! Entertainment , Khloé Kardashian is sick of his sister Kourtney. The reason ? The latter is undecided and takes too much time to make a choice . In agreement with her daughter, Kris Jenner admits: “I’ve seen him think about a paint color for three days, as if it were his job.” Determined to make her understand how embarrassing Tristan Thompson’s girlfriend did not hesitate to trap her. Sitting at the table of a restaurant with her mother, Khloé Kardashian then makes believe to her brother that they have changed from Forcing her to take a new route. A few minutes later, rebelote! The 32-year-old says she does not know where to eat. Mason’s mother hesitates and gets annoyed by the phone calling, “I’m hungry. I do not have time to go to any restaurant.” Yeah, obviously not dealing with a person who never knows what she wants. Nevertheless, let’s admit that Kourtney Kardashian has managed to turn the page with his ex. And it was time because after dropping Bella Thorne, Scott Disick was seen cooing with one of his exs in Cannes .