Khloe Kardashian engaged to Tristan Thompson? She maintains the mystery!

Entertainment 23 March, 2017

This is the question everyone is asking! Did Khloe Kardashian have said the famous “yes” to Tristan Thompson?
As we know, Khloé Kardashian’s love life was never simple. After experiencing a tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband Lamar Odom , the reality TV star finally decided to divorce her. A procedure which, in addition to being long, has not been easy. But KoKo has managed to keep his morale low. The 32-year-old has even found love in the arms of a new man: the handsome Tristan Thompson , a Cleveland Cavalier basketball player . Yes, impossible to miss this lovely idyll. If at the beginning of their history, they remained very discreet, henceforth, the two lovebirds do not hide any more and assume in the open day their romance. Proof, They recently flew as a sweetheart for a sexy vacation in Jamaica . But while their relationship becomes more and more serious, a question trots in the heads of Internet users: were the two lovers engaged in secret?
Is Khloe Kardashian then about to become Madame Thompson ? According to his latest publications on Snapchat , the mystery hovers. Because ! For some time, the star of the small screen creates the doubt as to his supposed engagement with his boyfriend. It all started when she and her sister Kourtney Kardashian were admired in a Tristan Thompson game . That night, the sportswoman’s girlfriend had come out the big level game held. But not only ! Because she quickly panicked the Web by displaying a huge and imposing diamond ring on the left ring finger . A large pebble that she hastened to share via the application. Moreover, It was not long before the rumors of a future marriage invade social networks. Has the basketball player put a knee on the floor? It’s possible ! In any case, it is a matter that will be followed closely. And you, would you like Khloé Kardashian to be engaged to Tristan Thompson?