Kiffez the best replicas of Bernard Campan for his 59 years

Cinema 4 April, 2017

Let us pay tribute to the actor who celebrates today his birthday, with some of his most memorable aftershocks.
Whether in the sketches of the Unknown or his few films (“The Three Brothers” and “The Bet” for the best known and funny), there is plenty to do. And it is even mission impossible to count everything, unless take two weeks and remate everything! So, we swing a few punchlines that we still remember, just for fun. And do not forget that Bernard Campan makes us laugh.
– “The guy of the big blue, he can stay ten minutes without breathing”. The three brothers
– “Yeah, well it’s a painting what … The guy he painted Alaska?” The three brothers
– “You have problems, or troubles that cause you problems?” It will bar you
“There is a bad hunter, he sees something that moves: he pulls it, surely, then it is recognized around him, but the good hunter sees something: But it’s a good hunter what! “Well, anyway, it’s questions to the con”. The hunters
“Everything you have is a concern that holds you back, and Skippy is here to take away all our worries.” The sects
– “Electism, I did when I was young, high jump all that, but now not at all.” Turn households
– “First, we want a wage upgrade.” Deusio: a wage readjustment, and a trimo: an increase, that’s what we want at the CGT. The strikers
– “Both of you are facilitating the intestinal transit there oh!” The revolution
– “Jocelyne and Gerard have found a great thing to stop smoking, and every time they see each other, they do not smoke … They do not see each other any more but …” The wankers
– “I go out of the doctor’s place … For me it’s finished, finished, finished … Go and help me a little suze!” The bistro
And a little video to finish in beauty, where he is camping a rock singer committed to the intoxicating lyrics! Who laughs alone, thinking about his aftershocks sometimes?