Kim Kardashian: A radical change of life to come?

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

Since his attack last October in Paris, Kim Kardashian is unrecognizable. Would the star have decided to radically change her daily life?
The year 2017 seems to start well for Kim Kardashian. Yes, a few days after finishing 2016, the reality TV star made his big come back on social networks. Before that, she had nevertheless frightened her fans by changing her last name. We could already see the time of the divorce ringing between Kimye. For the moment, the two lovers are a little more discreet. Besides, Kim Kardashian has more need than ever of Kanye West . She is still frightened by her attack on October 3rd in Paris. In any case, one thing is certain, Kim Kardashian no longer has the same lifestyle as before . The mother of North and Saint West decided to remodel everything. The star has changed radically.
If the investigation related to the case Kim Kardashian continues a little more each day, it’s a new woman that we have before us. The wife of Kanye West appears with much less valuable objects. Regarding her outfits, she opts for sobriety for several weeks. Finally, with regard to its communication on social networks, she chose to turn to simple clichés. She is then discovered surrounded by her family or pictures of various landscapes. Is all that calculated? Anyway, for the moment, Kim K always attracts the curiosity of his fans, and after all, this is not what account?