Kim Kardashian accused of taking cocaine, Kanye West defends her

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

Kanye West does not like attacking Kim Kardashian! The rapper defends his wife after she was accused of eating cocaine on Snapchat. We do not touch her darling!

Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian cold because of Beyoncé? According to a source from Life & Style magazine, the reality show star wants to compete with Queen Bey and buy a gigantic property, the Spelling Manor, near Los Angeles to rage the singer. A whim that would not please Kanye West at all! According to the source, the rapper would criticize his wife’s ideas: “One of Kim’s goals in life is to be better than Beyoncé, she wants a bigger and more comfortable house than Beyoncé and JAY “Kanye thinks Kim has lost his reason, they can not afford to buy the Spelling Manor, and he finds it vulgar.” But if this rumor is not credible, for a few days another rumor runs over Kim: it would be drugged!

Indeed Kim Kardashian posted a video on Snapchat where one can see two white lines on a table in the background. The fans immediately drew hasty conclusions, accusing North’s mother of consuming cocaine. But the beautiful brunette has set the record straight by showing that it was simply white marbling on the piece of furniture. But this story did not please Kanye West! The rapper finds it intolerable to accuse his wife of taking drugs, as the Hollywood Life website reports: “Who could believe that Kim is drugged? The haters can attack Kanye, he is used to, They attack Kim like that, it’s anything. Kim always defended it, so he wants to defend it in his turn. ” Indeed Kim Kardashian supported Kanye West after the clash of JAY-Z and against Taylor Swift. We can say what we want on them, they remain united …