Kim Kardashian assaulted: His bodyguard turned finally expressed!

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Kim Kardashian’s former bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, spoke about the star’s aggression. Does he have rancor a few months after the fact?
Life seems to gradually regain its course for the family Kardashian / Jenner . More than three months after the attack on Kim Kardashian at Paris, clan members try to forget that terrible episode and move forward. After his long absence on the social networks, the wife of Kanye West decided to resurface. Traumatized, the reality show star wanted to take a little time for her. At the same time, when one discovers the chilling testimony of Kim Kardashian to the police a few minutes after the attack, was chilling. Today is her former bodyguard who decided to break the silence . Gently thanked a few weeks after the facts, he wanted to come back on what really happened …
After four years of loyal service to the Kardashian family, Pascal Duvier took the door . Absent during the famous night of 3 October, he did not protect his client and therefore its collaboration with Kim Kardashian, who is terrified without Kanye West , has ended. Today, the former bodyguard of the star decided to leave his silence and to express himself on this thorny subject. In his interview with Fairfax Media , he returns to this agonizing night that will forever remain etched in his memory: “I do not like to waste my time to wonder ‘what if’ or ‘if only I had …’ Many good and bad things happen ” . Subsequently, the man, who has a code of honor, discusses the pressure he has been in the media for information on the case: “Everyone close to me was harassed for answers from me. it’s not cool, but this is how this type of business works ” . After this event, Pascal Duvier joined the security team of the singer Fergie.