Kim Kardashian assaulted, his testimony ice-cold to the police unveiled!

Entertainment 15 January, 2017

The testimony of Kim Kardashian after his aggression in Paris has just been unveiled. The account of the facts is simply glacier …
The week was very intense for the Kardashian / Jenner clan. After more than three months of investigation, we now know the identity of the perpetrators who assaulted Kim Kardashian in Paris last October. If the police first arrested 17 people, it is now known that six suspects have been deferred and will be presented to an investigating judge. In addition to this, a new big rebound in the Kim Kardashian affair just happened. In parallel, it is discovered today that the testimony of the wife of Kanye West, a few minutes after its attack on October 3 last, has just been unveiled. Nearly six pages were drafted, by hand, by the investigator in charge of the deposition the star of reality TV. The story of Kim K is simply chilling. She tells how the scene took place, beginning with: “I heard a noise at the door, not like, and I shouted to ask who was there, no one answered” . Then it goes on to state: “I saw through the sliding door two people get, the more the gentleman of the reception that was attached Both men were wearing balaclavas, one had a ski mask and had a cap. and jacket with ‘Police’ written on it. the second individual had the same clothes ‘Font’ but was not wearing glasses ” . And then his phone has robbed him, Kim Kardashian is captured by criminals .
Subsequently, thieves seek to seize precious jewels Kim Kardashian and particularly his ring, placed on the bedside table: “He pulls out a gun and I show him the ring he directed the gun at me. . it takes the ring, he has gloves on. he asked me where were the jewels and money ” . The nightmare continues for the mother of St. North and West: “They caught me and took me into the lobby I was in a bathrobe, naked underneath We then went back into the room and they m ‘.. pushed her on the bed ” . It was at that moment that they decided to stop American star: . “They tied me with plastic cable and Scotch on the hands, then they taped my mouth and legs They carried me into my bathroom, specifically in my bathtub ” . Today, Kim Kardashian, who is terrified of being alone , seems to want to put this horrible event aside and move forward. So, what do you think of Kim Kardashian’s glittering tale?