Kim Kardashian assaulted in Paris: His driver arrested!

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

One of the 16 suspects arrested in the Kim Kardahsian case would actually be a person in whom the star had confidence … This is his driver. You are told more.
The arrests continue and ensue. The suspects steering Kim Kardashian have finally been arrested after more than three months of intense research. This is in total 16 people were taken into custody , including three women. This group of suspects was apprehended after the police found traces of DNA on some stolen jewelry. Most of them were known to the police. New information coming fall and one of the suspects is none other than the private driver of Kim Kardashian , a man in whom she was supposed to trust … Discover now the latest details of the arrests!
The limousine driver Kim Kardashian employee among the 16 suspects arrested . He was the person who drove North and Saint’s mother back to her apartment on the night of the robbery. The Kardashian family often makes use of this limousine company when traveling in France. This driver has been the last one to have led Kim Kardashian just before the incident. Police are trying to determine his involvement in the robbery and if the driver has provided information to other thieves. One thing is certain, they will not contact the company again. Pending further information about this case, see the faces of attackers Kim Kardashian has been revealed! Tell us all the meltynauts, what do you think?