Kim Kardashian assaulted in Paris, she finally expresses herself!

Entertainment 7 January, 2017

The aggression of Kim Kardashian in Paris was certainly THE milestone of 2016 for the Kardashian clan. If the star has been silent about this since the event, she finally confided on this traumatic moment for KUWTK!
The year 2016 was marked by a major event for the Kardashian family and especially Kim: his robbery in Paris last October during his visit to the capital for Fashion Week. If the star of KUWTK left home the day after her aggression, Kim K had not yet tackled the subject of this event which traumatized it until she entrenched herself and no longer give news via the networks Social benefits. And as expected, it waited 2017 to make its big comeback on social networks! Back on Instagram, but also the rumors of divorce, what is Kim Kardashian playing? Everything is still only strategy in the famous empire. Since her robbery, the star has not approached the subject and neither her family. If we wondered if this event was going to appear in the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians , we now have our answer: yes! In a video promo for the return of the program in March next in the United States, Kim Kardashian speaks for the first time face camera of his robbery in Paris!
It was certain that the subject of the robbery in Paris would be approached in one way or another in the future episodes of KUWTK. In the promo video that was unveiled, we discover a Kim Kardashian in tears and surrounded by her family to address this difficult issue: “They were going to shoot me in the back (…) There was no way id. makes me so angry just thinking about it ” . But that’s not all, the surprise hospitalization of Kanye West in November also marked the end of the year of Kim Kardashian and this event will also be addressed in the next episodes of KUWTK! In the same video, one discovers the scene where Kim Kardashian learns that her husband was hospitalized emergency in the hospital of UCLA. Once again in tears, no one knows if the bimbo speaks directly to Kanye West or his coach who was present at its crisis . “Do not scare me please do tell me what happens ?” . Nothing will be forgotten in the next KUWTK episodes! After returning on social networks, Kim Kardashian made her first public appearance in 2017! Are You Keeping Up With The Kardashians?