Kim Kardashian assaulted in Paris: The face of his aggressors unveiled

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

The aggressors of Kim Kardashian are no longer unknown! Stopped by the police, their photos have just been unveiled!
This morning it was announced that the suspects of the robbery that Kim Kardashian was victim to Paris were arrested . The reality TV star must be relieved that his attackers have been found. The affair of her flight is expected to be cleared up very soon while North and Saint’s mom could possibly end up retrieving her jewelry that the experts had labeled as very hard to sell. No less than 17 people were arrested by the French police! According to the website TMZ , 3 suspects are women while the others are men. Two of them are diamond sellers! That’s why they were so interested in Kim Kardashian’s sumptuous jewelry. The very knowledgeable TMZ did not hesitate to reveal the face of several suspects arrested by the police.
The site TMZ got their hands on shots of suspects steering Kim Kardashian . We discover the handcuffs on the wrists, between the hands of the police as you can see HERE . The robbery of the reality TV star took place last October, so it took the authorities a little more than three months to find the culprits. Kim Kardashian must be delighted with the new and happy that justice can finally be made . But that’s not all ! The starlet had been accused of having invented everything from A to Z about her robbery. These photos prove that the woman Kanye West was not involved and that there were indeed the perpetrators. Following their arrest, Kim Kardashian’s lawyer has also expressed evoking these rumors and describing them as “unworthy” . And, in your opinion, will Kim Kardashian react after the arrest of his attackers?