Kim Kardashian assaulted: New big bounce in the deal!

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

New details on the Kardashian case have just arrived. The suspects will be presented to an investigating judge in the coming days.
This is a relief for Kim Kardashian . Nearly three months after his aggression, it is discovered that the investigation carried out by the French authorities paid. Yes, as you know, the suspects steering Kim Kardashian were arrested earlier this week. Nearly 17 people were arrested in the case and subjected to a 96-hour interrogation. A few days after this news, new big twists have just fallen. It is learned that the six suspects who have a connection to the case Kim Kardashian will soon be brought before a magistrate . For the time being, three of them have been indicted for the following charges: robbery with organized gangs, kidnapping or forcible confinement, and finally conspiracy of malefactors.
It is therefore after several police operations that six suspects as well as eleven other people were placed in police custody last Monday. We learn that the driver of Kim Kardashian was arrested . This is a big shock for the wife of Kanye West , which is most definitely not expecting this turnaround. Today, we thus learned that six people, five men and one woman, have been brought in Friday morning in District Court of Paris. A trial should certainly take place. It is finally the end of the run for the criminals who had tied up and locked up Kim Kardashian in the bathroom of his mansion. Stay tuned…