Kim Kardashian assaulted, she finally expresses herself!

Entertainment 3 February, 2017

Kim Kardashian seems to be finally ready to talk about his assault at Fashion Week in Paris. The star is currently in New York to testify …
These are difficult times that Kim Kardashian has to live in the moment. The reality show star, The Incredible Kardashian Family, is currently in New York where she meets the French authorities. Remember, on October 3, wife Kanye West was assaulted in his mansion. Kim Kardashian, we can find in any new extract of the season 13 of The Kardashians , lived a nightmare. If the languages ​​begin to loose on the side of the star’s aggressors, it is now his turn to speak. Kim K is ready to reveal everything to finally draw a line under this terrible episode in his life.
For two whole days, Kim Kardashian went to New York to meet with the French authorities . The star did not have to return to Paris to give his version of the facts of his aggression. If she is happy not to make the long trip to France, the mother of North and Saint West is mentally exhausted. A source confided to People website on the subject: “Kim spent a second day with the French authorities on the case last October It is mentally exhausting for her because she has to remember the horrific. times she has experienced. But she wants those responsible to be punished ” . In any case, the investigation into the aggression of the young woman continues. One thing is certain, since his attack, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have completely changed . The couple Kimye wants to see into the future and give a new chance for them and for their families.