Kim Kardashian assaulted: She takes a huge risk!

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

If Kim Kardashian waited until the beginning of the year to make its big return to the image of a resolution 2017, it does not seem ready to fulfill its promises made in 2016 after its aggression. The overexposure is back for Kim?
3 months after his assault in Paris, Kim Kardashian finally made his big comeback! At least on social networks. Traumatized by what happened to her last October during her Fashion Week in Paris, the bimbo entrenched herself at home for many weeks and devoted herself entirely to her family. His public appearances are still very discreet but facing aggression, Kim Kardashian is finally entrusted on the subject ! It is in the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which will resume next March in the United States, Kim K will finally talk about the event. A fact that the show could not miss … If his robbery in his Parisian mansion has earned him the loss of nearly 10 million dollars of jewelry including his famous wedding ring offered by Kanye West, Kim Kardashian had then Asked that no more valuable jewelry be offered to her, that she no longer wanted it, especially on her birthday. Kim without jewels luxurious overpriced, it seems impossible! And it can be said that it will not have kept its promise long …
During his last and rare public appearances, it can be said that Kim Kardashian displayed in simple looks and especially, without jewels or very little. If the star had asked not to receive expensive jewelry but also promised that she would not expose herself as much on social networks, she broke her promise with her return on the various platforms. Only days that bimbo is back and it already presents a new jewel … It was on his account that Snapchat Kim Kardashian unveiled a gold necklace that says “Calabasas” on it. If one believes TMZ , this necklace would be $ 500 and would be a gift of the stylist Kim for Christmas. A value much less than the usual jewels of the star or even those that were stolen but the bimbo takes risks by exposing again as well. Big rebound in the business of turning Kim Kardashian, the suspects were arrested last! In your opinion, Kim Kardashian must expose himself as before or remain more discreet?