Kim Kardashian attacked: Kanye West wants to disembark in Paris to see the attackers!

Entertainment 15 January, 2017

Like a man in love and a considerate husband, Kanye West wants to confront the assailants of Kim Kardashian and disembark in Paris. We tell you more!
If you target a Kardashian, that’s the clan you’re touching. Since turning to Paris, Kim Kardashian is terrified and still needs Kanye West. Besides, it has one thing in mind, take a plane to get to Paris and confront the aggressors of his wife . Indeed, 17 suspects in the robbery of Kim Kardashian have just been arrested and the French police redoubled effort to make the link between all and know their application. If we do not yet know if the daughter of Kris Jenner stands ready to confront them, Kanye West’s it is! He wants to see front face they are judged and they go to jail … A source close to the rapper confided to Hollywood Life . Find out immediately!
Kim Kardashian can count on her husband, Kanye West is rage against the attackers. The source said: “Kim may be terrified to confront those who fly, but Kanye is not he wants to go to Paris and see these punks who terrified his wife and give them a lesson There are many.. He would dream of unleashing his anger on these ‘bastards’ and making them his killer look of which he is famous.He does not know much about French laws but he would like to be there when the judge will make his decision and condemn them To years of imprisonment. ” . Well Kanye West will he be present and face them before the hearing? See, but waiting to find out, find out the latest details on the investigation of the theft of Kim Kardashian! Do you think Kanye West will disembark in Paris?