Kim Kardashian: Back on Instagram, rumors of divorce, what does it play?

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

Between the rumors of divorce and her return on social networks, Kim Kardashian begins strong 2017. But what does she really play?
We do not know where to head with Kim Kardashian! After her robbery of which she was victim last October, the star of reality TV no longer appeared on the social networks. In November, her husband, Kanye West, was in trouble. The rapper was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Very soon, divorce rumors for the couple Kimye were born. Since then, Kim Kardashian seems to have fun with! Recently, the mother of North and of Saint had returned to live with her mother before returning to her house, she then displayed without her alliance and Kanye West did not seem to be of the party with his family at Christmas. Yesterday, Kim Kardashian is back on Instagram and is separated from Kanye West name . But finally, the star changed her mind and posted a picture of her and the rapper, surrounded by their children. “Family” , she wrote in legend. But what does all this mean?
But what plays Kim Kardashian ? Yes “play” because the reality TV star seems to take pleasure to confirm to better scan the divorce rumors. Kim Kardashian waited a long time before making his big media return and as queen of the social networks, it counted that it makes the buzz! It is rather successful since it did not go unnoticed! If we revealed that Kylie Jenner could become richer than Kim Kardashian itself, it is ready to become the star of his family. If she is the queen of social networks, it’s not for nothing. She knows how to use them to make Internet users addicted to her stories. Kim Kardashian has understood that he could divorce his passionate followers who are trying to sort out fact from fiction . She intends to take advantage of these rumors and maintain the mystery to return to the center of attention and for now it works. But can this really continue without hurting his couple? We hope for Kimye! And what do you think the meltynauts really play Kim Kardashian?