Kim Kardashian: but where are his buttocks?

Entertainment 31 December, 2016

At his mother’s Christmas party, Kim Kardashian resurfaced, all smart, accompanied by his little tribe. But his buttocks (much less big) have not escaped the eye of SiverTimes
After the sad Parisian episode, Kim Kardashian was cloistered at home. We are now in December and after missing many opportunities to appear on her social networks, Kimi could not spend Christmas in anonymity, a concept she still does not conceive. With her sisters, the rest of her family and friends including her former BFF Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian was dressed in a long dress in which one could see her generous shapes. But a small detail did not escape the sharp eye of! Indeed, the buttocks of Kim, the same ones who participated in his reputation, have completely disappeared! As you can see in the photo that Paris Hilton posted on her account Instagram, Kim is in profile and she has no butt! Incredible but true! But where are the famous bright buttocks of the cover of Paper Mag? The wildest theories go through the minds of Kim fans. Liposuction ? Removing implants? No one knows for the moment, but the most likely guess would be that of weight loss. With the upsetting events she’s had her last days, it would not be very surprising if Kanye’s darling had lost a lot of weight. Stay tuned …
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