Kim Kardashian completely controls his torque?

Entertainment 11 February, 2017

If Kimye was believed to be stronger than ever, it would seem that the couple is pitching again. Following the various slippages of Kanye West, it is now Kim Kardashian who totally handles her couple … She is the queen of control!
The year 2016 was not the best for the couple Kimye. Between the burnout of Kanye West and the assault of Kim Kardashian in Paris during his passage for Fashion Week, it was not very easy for the couple. If it were thought that her trials would bring one of Hollywood’s most publicized couples closer together, this is not the case! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would be at war over their home since the bimbo of KUWTK would not want to move into the latter after more than 2 years of work and nearly 20 million dollars spent … Capricious this Kim K! If since her return to social networks, Kanye West’s wife gives the image of a family more united than ever, would there be manipulation behind all this? If Kris Jenner is the queen of control over the Kardashian family, her daughter may well have learned the lessons from the momager …
This is not new, Kanye West supports Donald Trump and yet, Kim Kardashian would put the pressure ! All the traces of Donald Trump disappeared on the social networks of the rapper, order of his wife. If the star knows how to manage her life and sell herself perfectly in order to make the most money, she also runs her couple! According to a source who confided to Radar Online , Kim Kardashian would not only control his own life but also Kanye West’s: “Kanye West is like Kim’s puppet at the moment, he does everything She tells him to do … She does not just make her time for him, but she tells him where and when he can go here or there, and she behaves like her mother and her manager . Will Kim Kardashian become the new “momager” of the family? “Kim is terrified that he is doing even more damage to his brand … They are all the opposite of what they should be but Kim has the power over their relationship now (…) Kanye n ‘ Is not allowed to do anything without his permission, ” the source added. While it was believed that it was the rapper who controlled his wife on certain subjects, it would seem that Kim Kardashian has taken over! Not sure it goes on for a very long time … Do you think Kanye West can continue to be controlled like that?