Kim Kardashian: Cracked by “graying” but “not very well developed”

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

The report of the investigation of the aggression of the star sheds light on the thugs.
A few days after the indictment of ten suspects in the case of the Parisian steering Kim Kardashian , new details emerge in the press. After the Sunday newspaper , which revealed on January 15 the official statements of the star of 36 years to the French authorities during his testimony, it was the turn of the newspaper Libération to shed light on the organization of thugs responsible for this aggression.
The daily consulted a summary report dated January 12, a document that traces the entire investigation that allowed the authorities to trace the track of the officials. ” Three months of investigations or blunders ,” write our colleagues. As a reminder, five men had been part of the nocturnal escapade of October 3, 2016. Two had arrived by car (a Peugeot 508 black), a third had taken a night bus and two other accomplices had come on foot hotel where lived the wife of Kanye West . The first three are also those who had ridden bicycles at the end of the robbery, in order to rejoin the car more quickly than was parked a few streets away.
It is now known, perpetrators of American reality TV star are ” thugs graying, repeat offenders ” but ultimately ” not very developed .” Having robbed Kim Kardashian closely jewelry € 10 million, the robbers have left many clues behind, ” unconcerned about their privacy .” CCTV images, ” they appear openly ,” to the point that each of them was entitled to ” his portrait souvenir in the record .” As we knew, one of the spoils of jewelry was also found in the street by a pass, which immediately brought to the police. Better, ” five DNA profiles found on the seals, whether the adhesive roll, the Serflex or the handcuffs .” Among them is that of the presumed brain of the operation, Aomar AK, 60 years old, called “Omar the Old”.