Kim Kardashian, Dylan O’Brien, Selena Gomez: These stars who deserted the Web in 2016

In this year 2016, some stars needed a little social network detox. From Kim Kardashian to Selena Gomez, back on the people who have deserted the Web!
Being connected, is it too 2015? Possible! Many celebrities have decided to desert the Web in 2016 and make a real break with social networks. The melac editor comes back with you on celebrities who needed to pause off the internet. We start with Kim Kardashian! Who would have thought, the star of social networking is no longer herself appeared on its accounts Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat since 2 October. But poor Kim Kardashian has a good reason. The reality TV star was deflected during his stay in Paris during Fashion Week . This traumatic episode made her want to refocus on herself and to leave the Web a little. But no panic, 2017 should mark its great return. Kim Kardashian is not the only one in the family who needed to do a social network detox. Kendall Jenner also temporarily removed his Instagram account. The woman realized she was too often on the photo application and should rather enjoy the “real” life.
In August, Selena Gomez has decided to take a break in his career but also with social networks. The star entered rehab to heal her depression and got rid of an object to which she was a little too addicted, her cell phone. After more than three months away from the Web, Selena Gomez is getting better and looks set to return to the front of the stage. So we presented you the 2016 Dylan O’Brien in 3 dates , it was revealed that the actor had suffered a serious accident. He stayed almost 7 months without giving any news to his fans via social networks. If he finally twitted in October, the actor is still very discreet on the Web. The star of 50 Shades Darker , Jamie Dornan, had already waited a long time to get social networking but eventually deleted accounts Twitter and Instagram ! Finally, Justin Bieber has also deleted her Instagram account last August . The singer has bluntly claimed that the photo application was the devil. “We are sent to Hell and we are locked up by Instagram.” , He said. That’s it! Finally, if Stephen Amell recently announced its loss of social networks, it still ends up back then that Ian Somerhalder is less present on the Web. So the meltynauts, would this soon be the end of social networks?

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