Kim Kardashian exposes Kanye West on social networks against divorce rumors?

Entertainment 7 January, 2017

If between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West everything seems to go well, that’s not what big tabloids think! The divorce rumors between Kimye have been relaunched following the events of the past few weeks. With her return on social networks, would Kim play on it?
The Queen is back! For a few days that Kim Kardashian is back on social networks, some pictures on Instagram, a few tweets on Twitter or even some videos on Snapchat … After 3 months of absence, it is already more stops! Her fans waited impatiently for this moment and like any queen of social networks, she waited for the new year to make her comeback. But it is not with a selfie or a picture of her naked that Kim Kardashian made her return but well with pictures wiser. If his aggression in Paris, on which she finally confided in a recent video , did move closer to his family more than ever, it is in Kim K housewife she decided to s’ Show for the moment. Photos of Kanye, North, Saint and herself or just pictures of Saint and North … Does Kim Kardashian try to show a beautiful image of her family in order to face the rumors of divorce with Kanye West?
For several weeks and especially since the hospitalization of Kanye West in November, rumors of divorce for the couple Kimye have been strongly revived. It is true that the two stars regularly appear one without the other in their rare public appearances, which fuels well these famous rumors. Since his return on social networks, family photos are flying! Some with Kanye West, others without. And it was last night that the star finally unveiled a picture of her husband! A recent photo since the rapper has his blond hair but also a stereotype in silver style that shows the star in a natural and sequined way, simply eating, most certainly in the family home. The strategy is well known in the Kardashian clan, Kim Kardashian’s publications and especially those related to Kanye West may not be so innocent … We hope that 2017 will bring better moments to Kimye including an intimate video has surfaced ! What do you think of the couple of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?